There are a number of options when it comes to personal training – no gym membership is required.

The services I offer include:

    Personalised training sessions to help achieve your health and fitness goals. 1-on-1 workouts are fun, motivational and hard work so you will get results! Boxing, TRX suspension training, yoga, weights and more! If you want more focused attention and you’re really serious about working toward your goals, take on Ange’s 6-Week Shape Up Challenge.
    Training with a friend can be more motivating, more cost-effective and more fun! Grab a partner and share your workout!
    Working out as part of a small group of up to six people will help achieve your goals in a more cost-effective way than 1-on-1 sessions. Create your own group amongst your friends, family or work colleagues (great for wedding bridal parties and work challenges), to help you to shape up, tone up and get a sweat on!
    Encouraging health, fitness and wellbeing in workers has been proven to boost productivity, increase employee happiness and satisfaction, and reduce sick leave. If you would like your business or company employees to take positive steps to improve their health, I can provide a range of services including:

    Employee health assessments
    Measurements including weight, blood pressure and body composition.

    Employee wellness consultations
    To determine a basic, tailor-made action plan to help your employees figure out the next steps they should take to improve their health, wellbeing and fitness.These can be repeated throughout the year to track progress and encourage action.

    If you would like to educate your employees and empower them to make healthier choices both in the workplace and at home, host a workshop to inform and inspire them. Popular workshop topics include Healthy nutrition basics and Reducing stress in the workplace, however, they can be tailored to cover any content you might prefer.

    Training sessions
    Promote mindfulness, stress management, strength and flexibility with workplace yoga classes. Alternatively, get your employees’ heart rates up with a general fitness class aimed at toning muscle and improving cardiovascular fitness. Sessions are tailored to suit all ages and levels of fitness.

    If you’re self-motivated, a programme update from a professional trainer every 3-6 weeks is a cost-effective way to ensure you are working on track to achieve your personal goals and avoiding plateaus.
    Your diet is important – especially when it comes to weight loss. Invest in a one-off nutrition advice session or, if you’re in dire need of a nutrition revamp, sign up for a three session ‘Nutrition Mission’ package (including consultation session, educational supermarket visit and nutrition action plan – plus extras!).

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