Don’t just take my word for it! Read on for a selection of success stories from previous and current clients:

“I have been doing 3 classes a week with Ange this year, along with additional Yoga sessions. Each session is fun and at a level that challenges me without breaking me. She has been incredibly supportive of my health issues and instrumental in changing my life for the better. I couldn’t recommend Ange more.”
Kirsti Greep

“I’ve been working out with Ange for a while now and have loved every minute of it. I’ve done both group sessions and individual sessions and they are always enjoyable and I come away feeling like I’ve had a great workout. Some days energy is high and other days it is low and Ange works with that really well. She is knowledgeable, highly skilled, friendly and fun”
Hannah Gillard

“I have been training with Ange for over a year now and the benefits I have noticed have been amazing. My overall well being and core strength have increased greatly as well as my flexibility and balance. Ange tailors each session to how I am feeling and uses her wide range of skills to provide a varied and intense training program. I highly recommend Ange as a personal trainer, she is highly trained and professional in all aspects of her work.”
Winnie Charlesworth

“It HAS to be said….What a difference Ange Noy has made to my life, I have said it before and I will say it again, your workout sessions come rain or shine are a blessing. I have never been so fit, and felt soooo good. Thank you – you have been the wisest choice I have made”
Nancy Schroder

“Thanks Ange for helping me take my body from a size XL to Medium over 20 weeks. I have loved working with you and the way you tailor my workouts to give me the best results and keep me interested and focused.”
Fiona Hall (mum of two and business owner)

fiona hall

“I started training with Ange in March 2011 and I must say that she is great! She did everything she could to understand my case history and understand what I wanted to achieve. She just makes you feel so good about yourself and gives you the motivation to get to the gym and workout even if you’re alone. I didn’t only lose weight and tone up, but I also started looking a lot more healtheir. Her exercises are great, the nutrition plan is great and her approach is great. None the less…she is an amazing person!”
Ritika Badakere

“I signed up to do Ange’s ‘Greek Goddess’ programme. Me and the other two girls in the group enjoyed it so much we signed up for another six week programme back to back with the first, so I had 12 weeks prior to Christmas 2010.The programme left me feeling the strongest and fittest I have ever been. I was amazed at what I could actually accomplish. I also had major abdominal surgery just prior to Christmas. The medical staff were astounded with my recovery and my surgeon completely agrees that this is directly related to all the hard work in the gym. It just goes to show you that being strong and healthy helps not only with how you feel each day, but it gives you a huge advantage if you fall ill or need to deal with a medical problem.

Thanks Ange, I couldn’t have done it without you. I’m looking forward to getting back to the gym ASAP!!
Jenny Baldwin

“Late last year in preparation for a family beach holiday in Phuket, I decided to undertake the 3-month Body for Life programme. I had (unsuccessfully) tried many different programmes before, so was really hoping this one would work and completely transform me!

I had no idea how/what/where to start so sought guidance from Ange. She set me up and off I went, checking in with me all the time to provide support and motivation. Whilst I gained some good results on the BFL programme (after 3 months I lost 9% body fat) it didn’t ‘transform’ me like I hoped it would.

Ange had just brought out her Greek Goddess programme so I then jumped on board that. I lost 4cm off my waist within 3 weeks!! Believe me when I say I have tried every fad diet/exercise programme on the market. Nothing has transformed me like Ange’s Greek Goddess programme! And the results have come so fast too!!

Her programme has a component that none of the others offer. All her workouts are so enjoyable and so much fun!! The are full of variety and tailored specifically just for you (and your problem areas!) Her motivation is sensational! So positive and so encouraging!!
Ange has great belief in me (even when I have none in myself). I’m always surprised at my (amazing) results, but Ange never is – because she knew I could do it – and I have!!

Come check me out in my size 7 super skinny jeans!! Not only do I look great, but I feel great too!! And it’s all thanks to Ange!!”
Anjala Richards

“Having been a gym bunny for years, I became a huge fan of Body Attack, Pump, Step and Combat, I thought I was pretty fit but I’ve always had an issue with my middle section and I’ve never been able to get the flat tummy/no love handles look, no matter how many sit ups I did!! But during my 6 week challenge I noticed my body starting to take shape, I was getting the cuts on the side of my stomach, my jeans, skirts etc. were loose, my strength and fitness was increasing, I was liking what I was seeing! At the end of my program I had lost centimeters from my mid section and my body fat had dropped too!!

The scary thing is that this was all achieved by doing 3x30min workouts a week with Ange and maybe the odd class or run!! I was hooked, so much so that I’ve signed on again… I actually don’t know how I used to fit in 1 hour workouts every day, I kid you not, I used to go 6 days a week and in all that time I didn’t get what I got in 6 weeks!

I highly recommend Ange, her workouts are great, fun and I’m always shocked as to how much I can actually do with her beside me!

Thanks Ange, I’m so glad I found you!!!”
Ida Morris

“Ange has been my personal trainer for the past 8 months.  I came to her with a bodyfat reading of 28% and in the time I have been with Ange she has helped me lower it to 23%.  She has helped me lose over 3kg in weight, develop muscle tone, massively improve my flexibility and generally helped improve my fitness level which was low.  She also provided me with the motivation I needed to get back into training regularly after a two year break.

“The results I have achieved are largely due to Ange’s combination of diverse training methods, individualised exercise programme and challenging yet achievable goal setting.  She will work you really hard, but the results are worth the pain.  Unfortunately I have moved out of Auckland but I have no doubt that I would have continued training with Ange on a weekly basis had I stayed in Auckland.  I found her extremely friendly, professional and very understanding.”
Rose O’Shaughnessy

“Ange provided me with a training strategy to prepare for my 800km charity bike ride. My main concern was previous knee trouble – I did not want my knees to give out half way through the ride. Ange concentrated on exercises to strengthen my legs and develop my core/abdomen area. Somehow she managed to get me to complete sets of exercises I never would have had the determination to do if she hadn’t been encouraging me.

Ange’s weekly training sessions in the last six weeks leading up to the ride, combined with five months of regular twice weekly RPM sessions at Les Mills New Lynn meant that I had a fantastic ride. I was fit, powered up the hills and had no trouble completing between 75 to 130 kilometres per day for eight days.”
Trish Freeman