Grace, Grit & Gratitude Online Training

Have more energy, feel stronger, gain more confidence, achieve your goals, and find balance in your life

Have you tried every diet and fitness programme but still not getting the results you want? Sick of difficult to maintain ways of eating, impossible training regimes, and inflexible programmes that leave you feeling uninspired and burned out?

Grace, Grit & Gratitude is an online exercise, yoga, nutrition and wellness centre for busy women, and it’s about so much more than just losing weight or getting fit! We help you build the skills necessary to achieve your health, fitness and wellbeing goals through simple daily habit changes; the kind that create lasting results that you’ll be able to sustain FOR LIFE.

  • Get your body moving – Every day, in whatever way you can, in whatever time you’ve got to give.
  • Ditch the dieting – No more fad diets, short-term meal plans, deprivation or confusing advice.
  • Eat better – Focus on eating nourishing food that makes you feel good, and have a better relationship with food.
  • Take care of yourself – What fills your cup and makes you happy? Slow down, reduce stress, sleep better and find gratitude in each day.

If you want a restrictive diet, an unsustainable 6-week fast fix, or you’re not prepared to put in some work, then Grace, Grit & Gratitude isn’t for you. If you’re ready to learn how to achieve your health and fitness goals on your own terms and invest in yourself, then we’re what you’ve been looking for!

What options are available?

There are a number of options depending on your budget and your goals:

  • ONLINE SQUAD MEMBERSHIPS (WEEKLY AND MONTHLY AVAILABLE) – Self motivated? Access online workouts, yoga sessions, meditations, nutrition and info articles any time, anywhere with this online ‘gym’ membership. Includes downloadable planning resources and monthly challenges to keep you motivated.
  • ONLINE PERSONAL COACHING MEMBERSHIP – Need a little more support and guidance? Includes everything from the Online Squad Membership along with twice-weekly check-ins with an online personal coach to help answer your questions, personalise your experience and provide accountability.
  • 12-WEEK NUTRITION MISSION PROGRAMME – A fixed-term programme designed to help you create healthier nutrition habits that are more sustainable in the long term – no fad diets or fast fixes here!
  • 8-WEEK FIND YOUR BALANCE PROGRAMME – A fixed-term programme that’s the perfect kickstarter for those new to exercise, those returning after a long time off, or those who just want to develop more structure around their training.
  • THE 10-10-10 TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE – Held four times a year, this 10-week challenge is designed to help busy women get moving every day to help improve your health and fitness; 10 minute HIIT/interval workouts, 10 exercises each 1 minute long. Includes nutrition guidelines.

All membership subscriptions and programmes include access to a private VIP support group on Facebook for extra tips, inspiration, and support from professional trainers as well as others with similar goals to yourself.

Keen to learn more and ready to take charge of your own health and fitness in the comfort of your own home? Head over to the website and let’s get you started!