CREATIVE ACTION Terms & Conditions

If you have filled out a Creative Action registration form, you will have agreed to the below terms and conditions.


Any activity involving body movement comes with a degree of risk. The information you have provided is only a guideline to the limitations of your ability to exercise.

In agreeing to the Terms & Conditions upon registration, you have confirmed that you do not know of any medical reason why you should not participate in exercise training with Creative Action and will not hold the Personal Trainer liable in any way for any injuries or medical problem that may occur during or after training.

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1.       Booking Confirmation

Confirmation of attendance to any Creative Action Squad sessions and further information will be via email once the registration form, and payment (in full), have been received.

2.       Cancellation, Modifications and Refund

MEMBERSHIP CANCELLATION PRIOR TO SESSION STARTUP: Should an individual wish to cancel their Creative Action Squad membership or pre-booked session attendance then they will need to notify the lead trainer (Organiser) in writing or by email. Cancellation will be effective from the date such notification is received, however, cancellations in the 7 days prior to Squad session commencement will incur a 50% cancellation fee.  The individual will be liable for cancellation fees as per the signed Cancellation Policy (which is deemed to commence at the point of client registration):

MEMBERSHIP CANCELLATION AFTER SESSIONS HAVE BEGUN: Once booked Squad sessions commence, no refund will be given. You may transfer your spot to another person provided they are a registered Creative Action Squad member (they may do this in the middle of term if they are not currently a member).

SESSION CANCELLATION. We do understand that life happens. Please do not expect exceptions to this cancellation policy unless it is an emergency. Please remember that this is a business. For cancellations, text or call 021 141 5982, email, or advise in writing.

MODIFICATIONS AND REFUND: Memberships cannot be modified, upgraded, downgraded or refunded after purchase. If you are unable to complete the remainder of a membership you may nominate another person to transfer your membership to, however, they need to be a registered Squad member to claim it.

Memberships must be taken in consecutive weeks and coincide with the allocated NZ school terms and half terms. Late registrations will not be accepted and must begin on the allocated start dates.

Participant non-attendance or lateness at a Creative Action Squad session/s will not result in any refund of the Squad session fees. Participants are liable for all Squad session fees irrespective of attendance and irrespective of any reason for non-attendance at any Squad session.

We will endeavour not to cancel a confirmed booking; however we reserve the right to do so. If we cancel a confirmed booking we will offer the individual a full refund. Any cancellation will be sent by written notice to the individual’s last known physical address or email address.

3.     Physical Condition and Medical Advice
All attendees must be in good physical condition and have no medical reason or impairment that might prevent their intended participation in Creative Action Squad sessions and other training sessions. If an attendee has any health or medical concerns prior to or while attending the above, it is their responsibility to discuss any concerns with a doctor before attending any training session.

4.      Damaged, Lost or Stolen Property
Creative Action, NZ Real Health, Ange Noy, the trainer and/or the Organiser are not responsible for any personal property of any individual that is damaged, lost or stolen during training sessions.

5.      Creative Action Squad and Training Session Rules
Participants must at all times while they are attending Creative Action Squad or training sessions: (i) follow the instructions and advice of the Organiser;  (ii) act with courtesy and respect towards the Organiser and other attendees and refrain from any offensive or annoying behaviour which may detract from other attendees’ enjoyment of the session; (iii) immediately inform the Organiser if they are suffering any discomfort or feeling unwell, or are not coping with the technical, physical or mental demands of the session, or if they notice any other attendee who appear to be in discomfort or who are not coping; (iv) immediately inform the Organiser if their health or fitness circumstances change from those previously notified.

Any non-compliance with the Terms and Conditions set out in this Agreement, including the Creative Action Squad Sessions and Training Session Rules set out in this clause, or for any other reason at the sole discretion of the Organiser, may result in the Organiser requiring an attendee to immediately leave a session and/or cease to participate in future training sessions. All attendees acknowledge and agree to the terms set out in this clause and undertake to immediately leave if requested to do so.

6.      Advertising and Publicity
Sometimes we may photograph or video a session for use in promotional and other business-related materials for NZ Real Health, Creative Action, Creative Action Fitness, the trainer or the Organiser. It is possible that, as a client, you may appear in some of these. If you do not want your image to be used, it is your responsibility to advise the Organiser in writing of this.

7.      Acknowledgement
By paying for Creative Action and/or NZ Real Health services, you are confirming that you have acknowledged and you agree to the terms and conditions set out above in addition to any other waiver or consent forms agreed on prior to training.

8.      Online programming, videos and training
Creative Action, NZ Real Health and Ange Noy strongly recommend that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. You should be in good physical condition and be able to participate in the exercise. You should understand that when participating in any exercise or exercise programme, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in an exercise or exercise programme associated with Creative Action, NZ Real Health or Ange Noy, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge Creative Action, NZ Real Health and Ange Noy from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of Creative Action, NZ Real Health or Ange Noy’s negligence.

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