‘Find Your Balance’ online programme


Sick of fad diets and exercise programmes that aren’t getting you sustainable results? This is an 8-week holistic online training programme you can do in your own home, at times that suit you. Perfect for self-motivated busy women who need to establish an exercise routine, eat better and relieve stress.

You know yourself better than anyone else. Rather than blowing all your energy on long workouts and following a complicated nutrition plan, this programme recognises that we are all unique individuals; encouraging you to self-troubleshoot and create manageable, moderate lifestyle changes that can be sustainable in the long term.

This isn’t about rapid weight loss, gimmicks, or fad diets. It’s about recognising the areas in your health and wellbeing that need more attention, breaking negative patterns, and getting active in some way every day.

Finding intuitive and sustainable ways to keep your progress going in the long term is so much more valuable than a short-term fast fix that can be easily undone!

Check out the details below, then register your interest by getting in touch and I’ll email you when it’s ready to go.

find your balance

‘Find Your Balance’ online programme [WITH PERSONAL TRAINER SUPPORT]

For those who need personalised encouragement, guidance, support and the added benefit of accountability to a trainer which will help maximise your results. Spaces for this 8-week programme are extremely limited and run according to a scheduled intake, so register your interest asap if you’re keen to get started with the next round!

For $400 (the equivalent of $50 per week over the course of 8 weeks), you will receive:

  • Online training video access to 8x 20-minute progressive interval/circuit workouts (one workout to master each week).
  • The ‘Find Your Balance’ eBook describing the workouts in more detail, nutrition tips, recipes and wellbeing advice.
  • A printable workbook to help guide you along the way and monitor progress.
  • Weekly email reminders to keep you on task and provide regular challenges to keep you motivated.
  • Access to private forums for ongoing social support from like-minded individuals.
  • Help building an idea of your true goals and needs from the programme, as well as identifying previous patterns of behaviour that may arise and stand in your way (so we can come up with a plan of attack on how you can work around them).
  • Weekly check-ins with Ange via email or online/video calling to provide accountability and address any questions or concerns you may have throughout the programme. Weekly progress photos will need to be sent through to track progress.
  • Ange will help you check your goals and workbook tasks to ensure they are realistic and achievable, provide personalised suggestions and adjustments as you progress through the 8 weeks.
  • Ange will email through a personalised, recommended followup course of action at the end of the programme to help you continue with your progress beyond the programme.

KEEN TO GET GOING? Register your interest by getting in touch and I’ll email you when it’s ready to go.