NZ Police PAT tests

Thinking about joining the police? Here’s the info you’ll need on what fitness criteria are required to make the grade.

For the New Zealand Police PAT (Physical Appraisal Test) you will be tested on four basic elements. These are:

  1. The time it takes for you to run 2.4 kilometres

    Under 20 years age: 10 min 51 seconds
    20 – 29 years: 10 min 15 seconds
    30 – 34 years: 10 min 50 seconds
    35 – 39 years: 11 min 30 seconds
    40+ years: 12 min 15 seconds

    Under 20 years : 12 min 54 seconds
    20 – 29 years: 11 min 50 seconds
    30 – 34 years: 12 min 25 seconds
    35 – 39 years: 13 min 10 seconds
    40+ years: 14 min 10 seconds

  2. Your vertical jump ability. For men this should be at least 48cm; for women, at least 40cm.
  3. The number of correctly executed continuous press-ups you can do. For men this should be 34 or more; for women, 20 or more.
  4. A test of your grip strength which ensures you have the grip and forearm strength to operate firearms and to restrain and handcuff people. For men the combined total of both hands should be at least 96kg; for women, at least 52kg.

There is also a Physical Competency Test (PCT) which involves 12 physical tasks including a 200 metre run, pushing a trailer, walking along a raised beam, crawling under hurdles, and climbing through a window.

Creative Action can help you get to the required fitness levels, to discuss this more with Ange, contact or phone/text 021 141 5982. There are also PAT rehearsals run by the police force so you can give it a go before taking the real test.

For more information on the above, visit:

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Healthy snack ideas


Snacking has been the downfall of many a person trying to achieve weightloss, so it’s important to know examples of healthy snacks and find ones that fit well into your normal eating habits and preferences. I get asked about this all the time, so I thought it was about time I give you some healthy snack ideas to get you started!

To ensure you get portion sizes right, I like to use small snack bags and re-usable containers to create my own snackpacks. This especially works well if you find it difficult to just stop at one handful of corn chips or nuts.

Here are some healthy options for snacks to help you kick those cravings (usually for around 10am and 3pm – those times in between meals when you need a bit of a ‘top up’ for energy!):


  • 1 piece of large fruit (apple, banana, orange etc.), or 2 pcs small fruit (apricot, mandarin…) or handful dried/smaller fruit (dried apricots, grapes…)
  • 1 small pottle low-fat yoghurt (150g max, preferably low in sugar). Can sprinkle w/ unroasted/unsalted nuts or fresh fruit.
  • 2 plain biscuits (i.e. Arrowroot, Superwine)
  • Muesli bar or snack bar (less than 600kJ per bar, saturated fat < 2g and sugar <10g).
  • Protein shake – mixed with water (for fewer calories) or milk
  • Protein bar (if you’re having a chocolate craving!)
  • Small pottle chocolate dairyfood (also if you’re having a chocolate craving!)
  • Fruity milkshake (low fat yoghurt, low fat milk + fruit of your choice)
  • Small fruit salad (cut up favourite fruit ½ cup – 1 cup)
  • Low-fat hot chocolate, or a long black coffee, or a low-fat coffee (go easy on the added sugar)
  • 1 piece fruit toast topped w/ lite spread or ricotta
  • A couple of power balls – here’s my recipe for Peanut Butter Protein Power Balls


  • Handful of celery or carrot sticks + 1 tablespoon options (peanut butter, salsa, hummus)
  • Handful plain corn chips w/ small amount salsa or guacamole
  • Handful of air-popped popcorn, preferably plain/unsalted.
  • Small handful of nuts (peanuts, almonds, cashews etc.). Preferably unroasted/unsalted. 1 handful max per day (30g)
  • 10-15 flavoured rice crackers or 1 – 2 rice cakes w/ topping of salsa, hummus or low fat cottage cheese.
  • Crispbread or litebread (i.e. Ryvita) topped with chopped tomato, avocado, thin slice cheese and small amount ham or tuna
  • Medium bowl of salad (i.e. lettuce, cucumber, chopped dried apricots, small amount grated/cubed cheese, capsicum, green veges, carrots etc.)
  • Instead of chips, toast 1 piece of wholegrain bread or wholemeal pita, cut into small triangles or squares and top with hummus or salsa.

Image / – tiverylucky

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Bootcamp time!

Don’t let the colder weather put you off exercising outdoors! I’m trialling a new bootcamp out in West Auckland; and not the scary shout-at-you kind!

Using your own bodyweight as resistance, there are exercise options from beginners through to advanced so you’ll get a great workout regardless of whether you’re a newbie to training or a long time exerciser. Workouts are based around tabata/interval training to maximise fat loss and improve your strength and fitness faster.

For more information, email
Cost: $10 per person
Time: Saturdays 9:00am, 45 minutes
Place: *NEW LOCATION* Craigavon Park, Green Bay, meet by the main carpark

Image / – stockimages

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Get fit for summer ‘Start Up’ Package ($90 for 3x 45 min sessions)

Summer’s on its way so I’m running my special ‘Start Up’ Package again this year to help you get fit for summer! Keen for a kickstart into your workout routine? $90 for 3x 45 minute sessions will get you:

  • Session 1: 15 min consult with background and goals assessment, and 30 min training session (assessment and general training).
  • Session 2: 15 min measurements and basic nutrition consult, and your choice of 30 minutes fitness testing (all results recorded for you to keep), 1-on-1 boxing, or general training session.
  • Session 3: Your own 45 minute fitness programme to take away with you – no gym required – or 1-on-1 fitness boxing session.

Sessions must be paid for in advance and used up within two weeks from first session. Training takes place at my studio in New Lynn. Offer only available to new 1-on-1 clients who have not had a 1-on-1 training session with me previously (still available if you have only participated in group training sessions). If you’re interested, get in touch by contacting me on 021 141 5982 or emailing

Offer valid until 27 October 2013

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Trying to lose weight? Nutrition is key

I frequently get asked what’s more important when it comes to weight loss: healthy nutrition or exercise? The two really do go hand in hand, but if you’re trying to lose body fat you can’t out-exercise a bad diet!

The (disappointingly simple) truth

The truth is, many of us know what’s healthy and what’s not, and that we should exercise at least once a day. It’s just that we either can’t be bothered putting in the effort to put into place what we already know, or (more likely) we don’t know how to break the unhealthy habits we have developed over a long period of time.

So how do you fix it? Get back to basics.

Why have you put weight on in the first place? Do you eat when you are stressed? Do you get takeaways because you feel you have no time to cook? If you don’t exercise enough, why not? The answers to questions like these can help you understand what it is you actually need to fix, because the answer is usually more to do with feelings, environment and emotions than ‘just hit the gym and eat less’.

Don’t seek the fast fix

Losing weight in a healthy way is all about lifestyle changes and this does take time. Miracle exercises and fad diets may help you get weight off quickly, but they can cause you to develop dysfunctional relationships with diet and exercise. Not only that, but in all likelihood your old habits will eventually kick in again and the weight will come back on.

This may not be what you want to hear, but losing body fat should be about keeping it off for life, not a fast fix for right now!

Find a solution that fits you

There is no single diet that fits everyone. Your eating habits are highly personal and you should take this into consideration when you are forming your nutrition plan.

If you come from a different culture, you will need to incorporate healthy options when you eat traditional food with your family. If you do shift work, eating your meals at set times won’t work. If you only plan healthy meals at home, you could be thrown a curveball when there’s a family dinner out or a birthday party at a friend’s house. Finding a solution that fits you is key to maintaining a healthy eating plan and healthy weight in the long term.

Action it

Bearing all the above in mind, give yourself a few new goals each week to work towards and build them up. For example, for week one I will eat a healthy breakfast and drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. For week two, I will make dinner at home every night and cook one new healthy recipe. For week three, I will learn to make a healthier version of my favourite takeaway, etc.

The final word

Also remember to be happy with any progress and congratulate yourself on it; even if it’s slower than you would like , it’s an accomplishment as long as it’s heading in the right direction!

Need some help sorting your nutrition? Book in a Nutrition Mission package with me to help you form a plan of attack! Contact for more info.

Image / – Stoonn

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$15 for 30 mins of training

New tactics given the inability for anyone to commit for six consecutive weeks on particular days!!

I’m going to run 30-minute outdoor training sessions Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.00am and 6.00pm at Shadbolt Park, New Lynn. Will be kicking off with a free session this Wednesday Nov 28th so you can trial it. Then running them until December 21, 2012, may consider adding Saturday morning session if enough interest.

All fitness levels, $15 casual rate per session and it will run regardless of how many people show. $120 for concession card of 10 sessions if you pay up front; must be used up by Dec 21. If you want to attend any sessions, you must give me 24 hours notice prior to session start time by email to or 021 141 5982 and payment is due before session starts. Any takers?
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Start Up Package (just in time for summer!)

Summer’s on its way! Keen for a kickstart into your workout routine? Check out my ‘Start Up Package’ – $90 for 3x 45 minute sessions:

  • Session 1: 15 min consult with background and goals assessment, and 30 min training session (assessment and general training).
  • Session 2: 15 min measurements and basic nutrition consult, and your choice of 30 minutes fitness testing (all results recorded for you to keep), 1-on-1 boxing, or general training session.
  • Session 3: Your own 45 minute fitness programme to take away with you or 1-on-1 fitness boxing session.

Sessions must be paid for in advance and used up within two weeks. Training takes place at my studio in New Lynn. If you’re interested, get in touch by contacting me on 021 141 5982 or emailing

Offer valid until 15 November 2012

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Stop donating your gym membership!

One thing that always frustrated me about working in a gym environment was the general lack of commitment I would witness on a daily basis.

New members would sign up, fresh faced, eager to get healthy and with good intentions, but six weeks later you would never see them again (yet, the money would still be coming out of their account). I saw someone at a local shop recently who was a perfect example of this.

I probably met him over a year ago when I was working at the gym. He didn’t want amazing results – just to get fit and healthy and stay that way. After six weeks from signing up, I never saw him in the gym again. On seeing him the other day, he recognised me from the gym and we started chatting, so naturally I asked him how his training was going. He looked a bit put out and said he hadn’t used his set foot in the gym for around six months but still had his membership there.

Six months?! At $20-ish a week for 26 weeks of the year that’s $520 down the plughole!

Don’t be a donator. Simply owning a gym membership doesn’t make you fit. Either use your gym membership, or accept that you aren’t a gym person and find another activity to keep your body healthy and strong.

If you’re an outdoor person, find an outdoor activity (go for outdoor runs, pick up an outdoor sport, train for a mud run, or take up orienteering). If you suck at training on your own, get a friend to train with you – if none of your friends want in on your health and wellness journey, find a group fitness class, take a group beginner’s class in a sport to meet new like-minded friends, or join a martial arts club. If you hate the feeling of being sweaty, take up swimming. If you like animals, get a dog and walk it/play with it every day. If you don’t want to own/have no room for a dog, borrow a friend’s or neighbour’s dog. If you actually do enjoy the gym but just can’t seem to get yourself sorted, find a personal trainer at the gym to make sure they kick your butt into gear and make you use your membership.

Just don’t be a donator.

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What’s your wellbeing like?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted – I’ve been out of the fitness blogging game for a wee while now. Shortly after my partner had his accident, I was in a nasty car accident a few weeks later (I’m okay!). It was probably the most challenging time of my life, however there is always a light at the end of the tunnel and the body is capable of doing amazing things when it comes to healing!

These situations remind you of what’s really important, and health and wellbeing are right up there at number one for me. There are certain things in life you should never have to compromise and I feel these two aspects of yourself should always be taken care of.

So whether it’s hitting the gym for an intense training session to blow off a bit of steam, taking the time to turn your cellphone/television off and read a book, or going out to play with your kids in the park for a while, my challenge for you is to try and consciously do something  for your own mental and physical health every day for a month. Many of us get caught up in work, earning money, taking care of other people and doing things we feel obliged to do, and lose sight of what’s important – not realising how little time we are allowing for our own wellbeing until we are already feeling stressed out and at breaking point.

Life continues to truck on at a million miles a minute, but remember that even if these wellbeing tasks you do are only small – such as making sure you find something to laugh at each day or getting outside for 5 minutes of fresh air – every step will lead to a happier and healthier you. Take the time to look at the big picture and remember to breathe 🙂

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